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The valuation of fruits and vegetables by-products
SCALIME Nutrition developed a specific methodology to value by-products from fruits and vegetables through its proprietary technology: "ScanOLine" jointly patented with INRA and through its industrial and commercial know-how.
This approach applies to the majority of fruits and vegetables by-products resulting from the activities of preparation, sorting, trimming, processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables whether sold as fresh or processed: e.g. canned, frozen, fresh cut, cooked, mixed in dressed salads, etc.

Our Services
In collaboration with INRA and CTCPA of Avignon, SCALIME Nutrition offers a complete service "from waste to market" including:

  • Analysis of the Polyphenol potential contained in fruits and vegetables waste along with a complete bibliography,
  • Fine analyses of the main molecules and of their potential applications,
  • Extraction test on SCALIME Nutrition industrial pilot line and production of a few kilograms of Polyphenol extracts,
  • Fine analysis of the extracts and economic/feasibility study of the waste valuation project,
  • Marketing and commercial approaches of potential markets: food ingredients, nutraceutical (food supplements), cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

For example, “VALOPACA” Program - certified and approved by the European Innovation Cluster for Fruits and Vegetables in Avignon (PEIFL) and by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council - subsidizes regional companies to study the valuation potential of their by-products.

Compagnies dealing with fruits and vegetables, if you are interesting by our waste valuation program, click on this link:
Valopaca Document
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